Mehdi Bohlooli

You are not forgotten

Rest in peace, Mehdi Bohlooli


High School Mathematics Teacher in Tehran





Role in union

Former Board Member of Tehran Teachers' Association

Teacher Quote

عدالت آموزشی

He was jailed several times to defend human rights and trade union rights by the security forces in Iran. He was not only a trade unionist but also a translator who translated several books and articles on education. All teacher trade unionists will never forget him. Mehdi and me spent few hours in police station. We were jailed because of the teachers protests. He was very funny. I never forget him. مهدی بهلولی یکی از تاثیرگذارترین معلمان،‌ کنشگران صنفی، مترجمان و نویسندگان آموزشی در یک دهه اخیر بود. مهدی چشم و چراغ معلمان ایران بود.


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