Manijeh Bohlouli

You are not forgotten

Rest in peace, Manijeh Bohlouli


Primary School Teacher



Teacher Quote

She always invited those around her to calm down, compromise and adapt, and she was always at the forefront of problems and tried to expand friendships with kindness and devotion.

She was a caring and devoted mother. A patient and kind teacher. After retiring and raising her children, she became a kind mother and full-time teacher for the children of her family, her husband's family, and other children around her. Over time, she became a symbol of friendship, kindness, and happiness for those around her. He helped a lot to everyone, including young and old, in how to raise children and their educational problems, marriage, and family problems, and so on. It is noteworthy that he always tried to provide a better life for them by helping others, especially for children in deprived areas, which included helping with school building, providing stationery, warm clothes, and so on. Finally, after 64 years of prolific life, she had such a positive impact on those around her that after her death, many people felt the loss of their mother. Rest in peace.


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