Jean-Philippe Huchet

You are not forgotten

Rest in peace, Jean-Philippe Huchet






Réseau Education et Solidarité / Education and Solidarity Network

Role in union

Founder and President

A man of integrity and values, Jean-Philippe Huchet was an innovator throughout his life. Equipped with a great vision and convinced by the importance of international solidarity, with the creation of the RES he made one of his finest projects a reality: globalising solidarity. Jean-Philippe Huchet was inspired by the international scope of the event, the energy of the teachers, but also the convergence between the values of mutuality and unionism. He laid the foundations for what the RES represents today. He saw educational communities as a powerful vehicle for promoting social protection. Year after year the Network grew and consolidated both his projects serving the health and well-being of educational communities as well as his international pleas for the values of solidarity. Through the MGEN he gathered the representatives from Education International and the AIM to form the Education and Solidarity Network. He had an infinite belief in the values of mutuality and solidarity, values shared by unionism. He saw the unlikely possibility of bringing together the two movements.


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